EU imported non-plug-in hybrid cars worth Euro 11.8 billion last year

In 2021, the EU spent €11.8 billion on imports of non-plug-in hybrid cars (41% of total extra-EU imports of hybrid and electric cars), €11.4 billion on full electric cars (39%) and €5.9 billion on plug-in hybrid cars (20%), according to Eurostat figures published by the European Union’s statistical office. In all three categories of cars, imports were less than exports from the EU. The value of non-plug-in hybrid car exports was €22.9 billion, more than half of the total extra-EU exports of hybrid and electric cars (55 percent), full electric cars at €12.3 billion (29 percent), and plug-in hybrid cars at €6.8 billion (16 percent).

As part of the energy transition, electric cars play an imperative role. Hybrids (both plug-in and non-plug-in) and full electric cars are becoming increasingly popular. In 2021, extra-EU exports of hybrid and electric cars totaled €42 billion, an increase of almost 800 percent over 2017 (€4.7 billion). From €5.6 billion in 2017 to €29 billion in 2021, imports increased by more than 400 percent. Imports of non-plug-in hybrid vehicles into the EU increased by 165 percent in 2021 (€11.8 billion in 2021 compared with €4.5 billion in 2017).

Imports of hybrid cars increased by almost 800 percent (€5.9 billion versus €0.67 billion) and imports of electric vehicles by 2400 percent (€11.4 billion versus €0.46 billion). The largest increase in exports was seen for non-plug-in hybrid cars; in 2021, exports were up by over 5000 percent compared to 2017 (€22.9 billion in 2021 versus €0.4 billion in 2017). Plug-in hybrid vehicle exports increased by 150 percent (from €2.7 billion to €6.6 billion), while full electric vehicle exports jumped by 660 percent (from €1.6 billion to €12.3 billion).

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