Mexico’s Jalisco struck by rare rainfalls, eight dead, numerous homes damaged

In a shocking display of the power of climate change, the Mexican state of Jalisco was hit by sudden, “atypical” rainfalls, resulting in the tragic death of at least eight residents. This catastrophic event, which underscores the heightened intensity of weather events due to global warming, also left three individuals severely injured. In the wake of these unexpected storms, the river in Jalisco overflowed, wreaking havoc in its wake. Four houses were completely wiped out by the deluge, with Gustavo Robles, the leader of the municipality of Autlan de Navarro, stating that assessments were underway for another 50 homes that could be compromised. His comments came during a press conference on Monday, as relayed by Reuters.

Mexico's Jalisco struck by rare rainfalls, eight dead, numerous homes damaged

As the situation grew increasingly dire, local authorities swiftly collaborated with the federal government, eyeing the declaration of a state of emergency. Early reports of the river’s flooding were registered around 7:20 a.m., prompting a rapid response. Over 100 security personnel were dispatched, aiding in the rescue operations. Experts highlight that such calamities can be linked to climate change. The logic is simple: a warmer atmosphere retains more water vapor. This excess moisture accumulates, leading to more intense and sporadic rainfall when the clouds finally give way.

Unfortunately, this is not an isolated incident in the region. Just to the south, Guatemala too has faced the brunt of unrelenting rains. On the heels of these recent downpours, Guatemalan authorities have reported that six lives were lost when a river overflowed its banks on Sunday. This tragic event comes after the nation had already mourned the loss of 29 lives earlier this rainy season, a sorrowful statistic provided by Guatemala’s national disaster agency, Conred.

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